Welcome 2020!

Thank you for 2019!
November 21, 2019
Travel bans to South Africa
March 16, 2020

Welcome 2020!

We are excited for a new year and assisting numerous hunting clients!  As every travelling hunter would like to hunt with his/her firearms we are there to make it easy and stress free to bring your rifles into South Africa and beyond.  Please visit our website for detailed information.  Remember we need all the required documents at least 30 days prior to your hunt, so it is never to early to start the process! 

Important Notice for US hunters:  You can download the new CBP4457 customs form from our website. This is only a blank form, you need to take your rifles to your nearest customs office for the form to be completed, signed and stamped by US customs. Visit this link to download the new form:   


If you are travelling domestically with firearms please ensure that you only book with South African Airways, SA Express or SA Airlink, they are the only airlines who are permitted to carry firearms.  The other low-cost airlines cannot carry rifles.

Please visit our website for additional service offerings and more information.