Travel with your eye on the target

Before you apply for a rifle permit
May 15, 2017
Don’t let unfinished paperwork hunt you
July 17, 2017

Travel with your eye on the target

As a hunter friendly country, South Africa and its authorities welcome international hunters into the country and are also more than willing to assist with the importation of hunting firearms into South Africa. Any international hunter would surely enjoy hunting with his/her own rifles in Africa, and we are here to assist you in making this dream come true! However, as every travelling hunter knows, it is a challenge to bring your rifles into South Africa. That’s why our company works hand-in-hand with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to provide “import/export” or “in-transit” permits for your rifle(s) before you arrive in South Africa. This not only simplifies your travel arrangements, but makes the process of bringing your rifles into the country much more certain.

TRAVEL TIP:  Please note that only South African Airways and SA Express can transport rifles domestically in South Africa.  So for any domestic flight you need to take in SA, for instance if you are travelling from Johannesburg to Cape Town, please ensure that you book these flights only with South African Airways or SA Express.  If you have any questions regarding this, then please do not hesitate to ask us!

These are the Basic General Conditions under which a permit will be issued:

  • A Temporary Import Permit may only be issued to a foreign visitor for Hunting Purposes.
  • A Temporary Import Permit shall not be issued for a period exceeding six months at a time.
  • A Temporary Import Permit will be issued subject to the requirements of the Act regarding the carrying, storage, safe custody and transport of a firearm and ammunition.
  • Should a firearm not be declared on arrival and a temporary import permit not issued, you will face severe penalties and possible arrest if detected.
  • Possession of no more than the quantity of cartridges determined by the Registrar and specified on the permit for each firearm in respect of which the temporary import permit applies.
  • An applicant must be 21 years old, or over. There is however a possibility that applications may be approved for applicants younger than 21 years. Please contact us for further information and requirements.
  • Whenever the holder of a temporary import permit leaves the Republic of South Africa, the firearm in respect of which the permit was issued must accompany the holder of the permit.
  • A Temporary Import Permit will be issued subject to the sole use of the firearm, only for the purposes as set out in the permit.

Get your hunting gear on and Contact Us now to let us assist you through your rifle permit process – quickly and efficiently.