SA hunting rules, do not get trapped!

SA hunting rules, do not let it trap you
April 17, 2018
Travelling with hunting rifles in 2019
January 23, 2019

SA hunting rules, do not get trapped!

The 2018 hunting season is drawing to a close. This year, we have successfully assisted numerous clients in importing their hunting rifles into South Africa. Contact us as soon as possible if you are still on your way to South Africa with hunting rifles. We need all the necessary rifle permit paperwork at least 30 days prior to arrival.


The South African Police Service has changed their regulations. They request that the permit application documents be submitted 21 WORKING DAYS prior to arrival. So, we will need the documents at least 30 calendar days prior to your arrival.


If you have domestic or internal flights in South Africa, please note that only South African Airways, SA Airlink and SA Express can carry firearms. Please ensure that you are not booked on one of the other low-cost airlines, as they cannot transport firearms. Make sure to contact us if you are unsure. We will always suggest that you make use of an experienced travel agent in your area. There are travel agents that specialise in African travel and we highly recommend that you make use of someone.

The rules and regulations change all the time, rather ensure you have someone with the necessary expertise on your side!