Check your Rifle Permit off the list ✔️

Quick, Easy & Hassle-free The time has come to start planning your 2024 hunting trip! If that’s what is on the agenda, we’re here to make sure your Rifle Permit admin is taken care of, so you can focus on enjoying your adventures. Here, at Rifle Permits we always recommend consulting a travel agent who […]

Master your South African hunting adventure with Rifle Permits

Imagine standing amidst the wild, untamed beauty of the South African bushveld with your rifle at your side, ready for the hunting adventure of a lifetime. And it has always been your dream to hunt with your own rifles and gear. That’s where Rifle Permits come in. We specialize in simplifying the rifle permit acquisition […]

Are you ready for the hunt of your life?

Urgent notice! We know you have been looking forward to and planning your coming hunting trip for months. Planning a hunting trip should be filled with fun and full of excitement. However, hunting in a foreign country can lead to extra paperwork and frustration. That is why we specialise in taking the hassle out of […]